Seed Treatment Services

Why You Should Treat Your Seeds With Us

We treat your seeds for several reasons.  The first is to protect them from pathogens found on the seed and in the soil. Secondly, treating your seed will improve the ease, accuracy, and consistency of your planting. And lastly, treating your seeds will help boost germination rates.

Standard Service

For our standard service we treat your seeds with fungicidal applications designed to reduce seed and seedling losses from disease. Our deluxe seed treatment for corn adds on a nutritional element designed to ensure rapid and even emergence in your corn field for a vigorous stand and bushels at harvest. For more information on our invigor8 seed treatment here is the link:

Biological Treatments

Whether you are planting corn, soybeans, wheat or specialty crops, we offer a full spectrum of biological inoculants for your soybean planting needs.  If you’d like to treat your seed yourself on-farm we can arrange delivery of a USC commercial treater along with our biological seed treatment, or we can do it for you.  If you’d like for our team of professionals to treat your seed in our facility, make sure to call us at least 24 hours before expected delivery.  If you are going to need an order delivered between March 1st and June 1st please notify us at least 5 business days in advance of needing your seed delivered.  If you’d like to research more into the mechanism of action of the Genesis seed treatments you can do so here:

Specialty Services for Organic Growers

New this year we are also offering seed protection for growers  in certified organic operations.  We have a host of methods and products that are certified NOP compliant and can be used by most in state organic operations

Priming & Pelleting

We are able to prime and pelletize your seed before delivery to your farm.  Our seed priming tanks are meticulously warmed and timed to ensure seed born pathogens are destroyed and maximum germination rates and earlier overall seedling emergence. Clay pelleting protects your seed and gives you a broader window to get your seed in the ground should weather force you move your planting date. Your primed and pelleted seed will emerge early which reduces the risk of damping off pathogens.

NOP Compliant Biologicals

Biological seed treatment options, alone or in conjunction with priming and pelleting processes can improve your plants’ overall health.  Products we can apply for organic growers include: Actinovate, Mycostop, Soilgard, and Kodiak

Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfection

Sodium hypochlorite is approved for use in disinfecting the surface area of seeds in NOP compliant organic operations.  The bleach kill any pathogens on the seed surface without penetrating the seed itself.

We can treat seeds purchased elsewhere, but if you would like to get an all-inclusive price from Delaware please call us with the traits you are looking for and seed treatment options you are considering and let us prepare a quote for you.